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Welcome to The Creative’s Haven


If you have no clue who I am or if this is your first time stopping by, this is a great place to start. Let me first say how excited I am that you are here. It’s great to unofficially meet you. My goal with everything that you will find here is to serve each and every person that graces these pages. My desire is to fuel your passions, inspire innovation and help you create beautiful lives filled with purpose.

What you will learn is that although creativity began when we were kids, it was never meant to remain there. Creativity is meant to permeate our daily lives and even businesses. In fact, our future depends on our ability to continue to create. Everything we see around us came from an idea and it’s time for us to take our crayons back and start to coloring again.

The great thing about being here to serve you is that I get to explore some of my own talents all the while using the skills I have to support communities like yours filled with parents, teachers, businesses and innovative leaders desiring something new. Disovering the type of creative I am was a great start.  You can learn more about what type of creative you are by taking the quiz.


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