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8 Ways to Optimize Your Life for Creativity to Flow

A great way to optimize your life for creativity to flow is by challenging yourself with something unfamiliar. You can do this by trying something new each day. It could be as small as trying a new restaurant or taking a different path home from work to discover something new about your neighborhood. You never know what you may notice just by doing something out of your normal routine. What type of ideas are sparked, what type of satisfaction it could bring. Remember the outcome is not as important as the act of challenging yourself in a new way. These are simple yet strategic ways to spark creativity. To open your eyes and mind to a world that is yet to be discovered by you. Even if you can’t travel to another country this year, creativity is just a new turn away. 

It’s very easy to take a negative situation or occurrence and allow it to change your whole day. But what would happen if you took that same situation and reframed it in your mind? Here’s an example: You were on your way to give an epic speech and right when you arrived, you realized that you left your notecards at home. All of the witty jokes, sarcasm, and perfectly placed points of inspiration were gone! They were now at home sitting on your night stand. Instead of spiraling into a self destructive rant, take the situation and flip it to something positive. Try saying in your mind that its God’s divine way of making sure you said something in particular that someone special needed to hear. Later on, after you give a great speech, someone approaches you and says that they needed to hear exactly what you said.

Things don’t always happen the way you intend for some reason.  But they do work out the way they are supposed to. Believe that! So instead of taking a negative situation and growing it into a mountain, reframe it and your day will go a lot better. 

This is sometimes easier said than done. But, you’ll always have two paths to take at any given moment. The path of faith or the path that allows fear to dominate. If we’re honest, doubt is a pain point for all of us and its father is fear. But grab your favorite scripture, quote or mantra and hold on to it for dear life. In this life, you’ll need reminders that you are capable of incredible things and that you were born with a purpose to fulfill. 

Declutter first! Yes, I know a ton of creatives that can function just fine in an organized mess. That’s not a battle I’m trying to fight, but I do believe that detoxing is necessary. Not just in your body but in your home, work space/creative haven’s. The purpose of getting organized is getting rid of the things that just slow you down. Organizing your things in such a way that you’ll know exactly where you’d find something important. There’s this quote that says, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. Getting organized is just a way of being prepared should a new door open. P.S. I used the KonMari Method on my closet. Its so much more functional.

Not one part of our lives isn’t impacted by finances. This includes our ability to create. Which is why creating a budget is so important. Last year, I wanted to create a home that I loved on a budget and did just that using 90% thrift store items, dollar tree and Facebook Marketplace. You can see some of these projects on Youtube. Having a budget, made me resourceful which does wonders for creativity. Its important to know what comes in and what goes out on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Getting a handle on your finances will do wonders for your creativity and your ability to dream. 

The best way to keep up the momentum is to celebrate the milestone along the way. If you are writing a book, celebrate each chapter. If you are working on a podcast, celebrate that celebrity guest interview you just landed. Celebrating your milestone is your chance to show your gratitude for the little things. Celebrate the little things and the bigger milestones become within reach.

I learn something new about myself each time I attempt a new creative project because it reinforces the power of creativity. Creativity is not genetic, it is something we’ve all been born to do. We all have the ability to use our imaginations don’t we? Take your mind back to the fearless and creative mindset of a child and there you’ll create. Remember, the only thing standing between you and your creativity is your ability to take off your big boy/girl shoes, and throw on the tennis shoes of your 5 year old self. 

Years ago when my son asked me what my favorite thing to do was, I said “to laugh”. I remember seeing the confusion on his young face as he asked again. Now a teenager, he definitely understands a lot more. Laughter has a way of putting you in a good mood even when you don’t want to be. Laughter is healing. Not only does it decrease stress hormones, it also triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Plus, when you laugh –even a fake laugh will eventually turn into a real one. 

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