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You Were Born To Create

It bothers me sometimes how much we’ve faltered from this notion. Instead we attach ourselves to narratives that we “just didn’t get the creative gene” or “there isn’t a creative bone in our body”. The reality is that you were born to create and if anybody tells you any different, they’re lying.

When we were kids our first introductions to creativity were in the midst of playing make believe. We were so darn creative. We imagined the craziest things like purple skies, singing giraffes, and the list goes on. The reality is that creative is innate. Just as innate as eating. Everyone is creative, innovative and capable of amazing things.

Here’s a few reasons why many people doubt that very notion.

  1. Creativity is seen as reserved for a select few. People are who artist, singers, dancers, poets, etc. But when was the last time you looked at the design on your phone, the landscape in your backyard and thought it was creative? When was the last time you looked at the roads that you drive on or the desk that you sit in as creative and innovative?
  2. We were taught that careers in arts were not sustainable, but here we are in 2018 and its more in-style than its ever been to be creative and flex your creative muscles. Granted our grand parents didn’t always have that luxury, but now –if you want it bad enough, it can be yours. 
  3. Someone stifled your imagination. Someone said that your drawing wasn’t good enough. They said that your style was off and your designs wouldn’t sell. Often times that someone was in the form of a teacher or mentor. If only their minds weren’t so limited. If only they could see beyond the present. Thats ok, its never too late to get started now.
  4. We were’t allowed to be ourselves. Our true authentic selves. The true richness of a creative spring comes from being able to be who you are and not conform to another’s ideal image projected upon you. When you are most comfortable with yourself. Creativity just happens.
  5. You don’t know many visionaries. Let me just say how important it is to have visionaries in your life. All it takes is one. All it takes is one person to say, “you can absolutely do it. I’ve seen..xyz” or “even if it hasn’t been done before, you can create your own path”. 

You were born to create. Creativity and innovation is what continues to make our world grow leaps and bounds. You just need to tap into it. Grab your crayons and color again. 

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